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List of islands by population density

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The following is a list of islands, sorted by population density, and including islands that connect to other island or inland with land mean of transportation (e.g. bridge or tunnel).

Least densely populated islands

There are numerous uninhabited or deserted islands. The largest uninhabited island in the world is Devon Island in Canada.

  • Greenland (part of Denmark) population 56,452; area 2,166,086 square kilometres/836,109 square miles = 1 person per 38.37 square kilometres/14.81 square miles or 0.02 persons per square kilometre/0.06 persons per square mile.
  • Baffin Island (part of Nunavut, Canada) population 11,000; area 507,451 square km/195,927.9 square mi = 1 person per 46.13 km2/17.81 sq mi or 0.02 persons per km2/0.05 persons per sq mi.
  • Victoria Island (Canada) population 1,875; area 217,291 km2/83,897 sq mi = 1 person per 115.88 km2/44.7 sq mi or 0.009 persons per km2/0.02 persons per sq mi.
  • Ellesmere Island (part of Nunavut, Canada) population 146; area 196,235 km2/75,767 sq mi = 1 person per 1,344.08 km2/518.95 sq mi or 0.000744 persons per km2/0.0019 persons per sq mi.
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