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List of hundreds of Delaware

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A listing of the hundreds of Delaware. Hundreds are unincorporated subdivisions of counties, equivalent to townships in some other states, and were once used as a basis for representation in the Delaware General Assembly. While their names still appear on all real estate transactions, they currently have no meaningful use or purpose except as a geographical points of reference. The divisions, or "hundreds" as they are called, come from the times when Delaware and Maryland were colonial holdings of Great Britain. While Delaware alone retains the use of "hundreds", the origin of most place names in both states can be traced back to the times of British rule.

Hundreds in Kent County

  • St. Jones Hundred was created in 1682 and was renamed Dover Hundred in 1823.
  • Dover Hundred was divided into East Dover Hundred and West Dover Hundred in 1859.
  • Murderkill Hundred was created in 1682 and was divided into North Murderkill Hundred and South Murderkill Hundred in 1855.
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