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List of high schools producing multiple Olympic gold medalists

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The Olympic Gold medal is the mark of achievement of the highest level in a particular sport. Many high schools proudly point to an alumnus who has been to the Olympics. Relatively few high schools have the depth to have produced more than one Olympic Gold medalist.

Notes: T=team gold medalist WR=also hold the current world record

  • Bedford School (Bedford, Bedfordshire, England) Harold Abrahams 1924, Jack Beresford 1924, 1932, 1936, Edward Vaughan Bevan 1928, Sven Meinhardt 1992, Stefan Tewes 1992, Phelan Hill 2016
  • Eton College (Berkshire, England) Guy Nickalls 1908, Ewart Horsfall 1912, Robin Dixon 1964, Matthew Pinsent 1992-2004, Andrew Lindsay 2000, Ed Coode 2004
  • Jefferson High School (Los Angeles, California) Mal Whitfield 1948 Charles Dumas 1956
  • John Muir High School (Pasadena, California) Alice Brown 1984T Inger Miller 1996T Linetta Wilson 1996 T
  • Jordan High School (Los Angeles, California) Hayes Edward Sanders 1952, Florence Griffith Joyner 1988 & WR Kevin Young 1992 & WR
  • Lincoln High School, East St. Louis, Illinois Al Joyner 1984 Jackie Joyner-Kersee 1988 & WR, 1992 brother and sister
  • Mount Albert Grammar School, (Auckland, New Zealand) Peter Snell (runner) 1960 & 1964; Shane O'Brien (rower) 1984T.
  • North Salinas High School Calvin Harrison 2000T (team later disqualified) Alvin Harrison 1996T, 2000T (team later disqualified) identical twin brothers
  • Oakland Catholic High School (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Amanda Polk (rower) 2016, Leah Smith (swimmer) 2016
  • President William McKinley High School, Honolulu, Hawaii, Duke Kahanamoku 1912, 1920 Ford Konno 1952
  • St. Patrick's High School (Kenya) Peter Rono 1988 Matthew Birir 1992, David Rudisha 2012 Note: Between Wilson Kipketer and David Rudisha the school has also held the world record for 800 metres since August 13, 1997
  • Samuel F. B. Morse High School, (San Diego) Arnie Robinson 1976 Monique Henderson 2004T, 2008T
  • San Gorgonio High School and John F. Kennedy High School (Los Angeles) Sherri Howard and Denean Howard, sisters who both won a Gold medal on the same 1984 4x400 relay team (Denean ran in the preliminary round). The sisters transferred to Kennedy in 1981 after setting the NFHS National High School Record in the 4x440y relay at San Gorgonio with two other sisters (Howard, Howard, Howard, Howard)
  • Santa Clara High School (Santa Clara, California) Donna de Varona 1964 Don Schollander 1964, 1968T Claudia Kolb 1968 Mark Spitz 1968T, 1972 Joe Bottom 1976T Brian Boitano 1988 Heather Simmons-Carrasco 1996T
  • Silver Creek High School (San Jose, California) Millard Hampton 1976T Andre Phillips 1988
  • Tulare Union High School (Tulare, California) Bob Mathias 1948, 1952 Sim Iness 1952
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