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List of formations of the Bangladesh Army

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The following is the list of regional commands and formations of Bangladesh Army as of 2014.

  • Army Headquarters, Dhaka Cantonment
  • Savar Area Command, headquartered at Savar Cantonment
  • 9th Infantry Division HQ
  • 9th Artillery Brigade
  • 71st Infantry Brigade
  • 81st Infantry Brigade
  • 99th Composite Brigade (Padma Cantonment)
  • Cox's Bazar Area Command headquartered at Ramu Cantonment
  • 10th Infantry Division HQ
  • 10th Artillery Brigade
  • 97th Infantry Brigade
  • 23rd Field Regiment Artillery
  • 60th East Bengal Regiment
  • 36th Bangladesh Infantry Regiment
  • Bogra Area Command, headquartered at Majhira Cantonment
  • 11th Infantry Division HQ
  • 11th Artillery Brigade (Janghirabad Cantonment)
  • 93rd Armoured Brigade
  • 111th Infantry Brigade
  • Sylhet Area Command, headquartered at Jalalabad Cantonment
  • 17th Infantry Division HQ
  • 17th Artillery Brigade
  • 306th Infantry Brigade
  • 32nd Bangladesh Infantry Regiment
  • 33rd Bangladesh Infantry Regiment
  • 18th Field Regiment Artillery
  • 21st Engineers Battalion
  • 91st Field Ambulance Unit
  • 17th Military Police Unit
  • 38th Supply and Transport Battalion
  • 508th Division Ordnance Company(DOC)
  • 598th Field Intelligence Unit(FIU)
  • 8th Signals Battalion
  • 22nd Field Regiment Artillery
  • 61st East Bengal Regiment(EBR)
  • Ghatail Area Command, headquartered at Shahid Salahuddin Cantonment
  • 19th Infantry Division HQ
  • 19th Artillery Brigade
  • 309th Infantry Brigade
  • 77th Infantry Brigade (Mymensingh Cantonment)
  • 98th Composite Brigade (Jamuna Cantonment)
  • Chittagong Area Command, headquartered at Chittagong Cantonment
  • 24th Infantry Division HQ
  • 24th Artillery Brigade (Guimara Cantonment)
  • 65th Infantry Brigade (Kaptai Cantonment)
  • 69th Infantry Brigade (Bandarban Cantonment)
  • 203rd Infantry Brigade (Khagrachari Cantonment)
  • 305th Infantry Brigade (Rangamati Cantonment)
  • Comilla Area Command, headquartered at Comilla Cantonment
  • 33rd Infantry Division HQ
  • 33rd Artillery Regiment
  • 44th Infantry Brigade
  • 101st Infantry Brigade
  • 25th Bangladesh Infantry Regiment (BIR)
  • Jessore Area Command, headquartered at Jessore Cantonment
  • 55th Infantry Division HQ
  • 55th Artillery Brigade
  • 27th Infantry Brigade
  • 105th Infantry Brigade
  • 36th Armoured Brigade
  • Rangpur Area Command, headquartered at Rangpur Cantonment
  • 66th Infantry Division HQ
  • 66th Artillery Brigade
  • 16th Infantry Brigade
  • 72nd Infantry Brigade
  • 222nd Infantry Brigade (Saidpur Cantonment)
  • Army Training and Doctrine Command, (ARTDOC), headquartered at Mymensingh Cantonment
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