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List of examples in general topology

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This is a list of useful examples in general topology, a field of mathematics.

  • Alexandrov topology
  • Cantor space
  • Co-kappa topology
  • Cocountable topology
  • Cofinite topology
  • Compact-open topology
  • Compactification
  • Discrete topology
  • Double-pointed cofinite topology
  • Extended real number line
  • Finite topological space
  • Hawaiian earring
  • Hilbert cube
  • Irrational cable on a torus
  • Lakes of Wada
  • Long line
  • Order topology
  • Lexicographical/dictionary order
  • Ordinal number topology
  • Real line
  • Split interval
  • Overlapping interval topology
  • Moore plane
  • SierpiƄski space
  • Sorgenfrey line
  • Sorgenfrey plane
  • Space-filling curve
  • Topologist's sine curve
  • Trivial topology
  • Unit interval
  • Zariski topology
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