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List of Ikebukuro West Gate Park episodes

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Ikebukuro West Gate Park aired on TBS in Japan from April to June 2000 to high ratings. Much of the story was dramatically altered in the graphic novel adaptation for the series, with some characters being changed slightly or removed entirely and some changes to the story arcs to reflect this.


  • The title of the every episode is a play on words
  • Episode 1 (Ichi): Strawberry (Ichigo) Episode 2 (Ni): Carrot (Ninjin) Episode 3 (San/Mi): Mandarin Orange (Mikan) Episode 4 (Yon/Shi): Shiitake Mushroom Episode 5 (Go): Gorilla Episode 6 (Roku): TBS Episode 7 (Nana/Shichi): Youshichi Episode 8 (Hachi): Youhachi Episode 9 (Kyū): Kyushu Island Episode 10 (Jū): Jutte Episode 11 (Jūichi): Samurai


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