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List of Formula One World Constructors' Champions

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The Formula One World Constructors' Championship (WCC) is awarded by the FIA to the most successful Formula One constructor over a season, as determined by a points system based on Grand Prix results. The Constructors' Championship was first awarded, as the International Cup for F1 Manufacturers, in 1958 to Vanwall.


Constructors' Championship points are calculated by adding points scored in each race by any driver for that constructor. Up until 1979, most seasons saw only the highest-scoring driver in each race for each constructor contributing points towards the Championship. On only ten occasions has the World Constructors' Champion team not contained the World Drivers' Champion for that season.

In the 58 seasons the Championship has been awarded, only 15 different constructors have won it, with Scuderia Ferrari the most successful, with 16 titles including 6 consecutive from 1999 to 2004. Only five countries have produced winning constructors: United Kingdom (33 championships with 10 different constructors), Italy (16 with Ferrari), Austria (4 with Red Bull), France (3 with two constructors) and Germany (3 with Mercedes). However, all Austrian, French and German titles have seen the winning cars designed and built (except Matra in 1969) and run by teams based in the United Kingdom. Among drivers that have contributed with at least a single point to the constructors' title, Michael Schumacher has the unofficial record, having been involved with seven such titles, six of those consecutively with Ferrari. Schumacher won the world drivers' title on six of those seven occasions.


* – indicates that the driver also won the Drivers' Championship.
  1. ^ Only drivers who contributed to the final points tally are shown. Car numbers are indicated where the driver kept the same number over the season (replacement drivers' numbers are shown in parentheses).
  2. ^ Only points counted towards the Constructors' Championship are shown.
  3. ^ Matra is the only constructor to have won the Constructors' Championship without running its own works team. (Matra cars were entered by Ken Tyrrell´s Matra International team)
  4. ^ McLaren scored 203 points but were excluded from the championship.
  5. ^ The points system was overhauled for the 2010 season, accounting for the extreme difference in total points. (see also List of Formula One World Championship points scoring systems)

By constructor

Note: Bold font indicates the active constructors.


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