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List of Crimean khans

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First monarch  Hacı I Giray
Formation  1441
Appointer  Kurultai
Last monarch  Şahin Giray
Abolition  1783
List of Crimean khans
Residence  Khan's Palace, Bakhchisaray

This is a list of khans of the Crimean Khanate, a state which existed in present-day southern Ukraine from 1441 until 1783. Crimean Tatars, although not a part of the Ukrainian ethnos, are deeply interconnected, having ruled a large part of modern Ukraine over the span of 300 years.

The position of Khan in Crimea was electoral and was picked by beys from four of the most noble families (also known as Qarachi beys: argyns, kipchaks, shirins, baryns) at kurultai where the decision about a candidate was adopted. The newly elected Khan was raised on a white felt sheet and over him were read Islamic prayers, after that the Khan was triumphantly enthroned.

The following is the chronological table of reigns of Khans of the Crimean Khanate from the Giray dynasty:


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