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Lindy (name)

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Lindy is a given name. It can be used as a name for either gender. As a female given name, it is a variant of names like Linda, Belinda, and Melinda, and the meaning of Lindy is "beautiful; pretty; sweet." As a male name, it is a variant of names such as Lindsay and Lyndon, and the meaning is "linden tree mountain; Lincoln's marsh; island of linden trees; linden tree hill." Lindy was most popular in the year 1979, when it reached the rank of #586 most popular name for girls.



People named Lindy include:

  • Lindy Berry (born 1927), American football player
  • Lindy Boggs (1916–2013), American political figure (Democratic Party)
  • Lindy Booth (born 1979), Canadian actress
  • Lindy Brill (born 1963), British actress and singer
  • Lindy Burns, Australian presenter
  • Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton (born 1948), mother of missing Australian girl
  • Lindy Cochran (born 1953), American alpine skier
  • Lindy Davies (born 1946), Australian actress, director and drama teacher
  • Lindy DeKoven, American television executive
  • Lindy Delapenha (born 1927), Jamaican football player
  • Lindy Fralin, American guitar pickup manufacturer
  • Lindy Hemming (born 1948), Welsh costume designer
  • Lindy Hou (born 1960), Australian tandem cyclist and triathlete
  • Lindy Infante (born 1940), American football player and coach
  • Lindy Kasperski (born 1950), Canadian politician (NDP)
  • Lindy Kelly (born 1952), New Zealand writer
  • Lindy Layton (born 1970), British singer
  • Lindy Leveau-Agricole (born 1978), Seychellois javelin thrower
  • Lindy McDaniel (born 1935), American baseball player
  • Lindy Miller (born 1956), American professional golfer
  • Lindy Morrison (born 1951), Australian musician
  • Lindy Nelson-Carr (born 1952), Australian politician (Labor)
  • Lindy Pearson (born 1929), American football player
  • Lindy Remigino (born 1931), American track and field athlete
  • Lindy Robbins, American songwriter
  • Lindy Rodwell (born 1962), South African zoologist and conservationist
  • Lindy Ruff (born 1960), Canadian ice hockey player and coach
  • Lindy Vivas, American volleyball player and coach
  • Lindy Vopnfjörð (born 1972), Canadian musician
  • Lindy West, American writer
  • Fictional characters

    Fictional characters named Lindy include:

  • Lindy, a character from Alex Flinn's novel Beastly and the film of the same name.
  • Lindy Karsten, a character from CrossGen Entertainment's Sigilverse.
  • Lindy Sampson, the protagonist in R. L. Stine's novel 'Eye Candy and main character in the hit MTV television series Eye Candy.
  • Lindy Watson, a character from Disney Channel's I Didn't Do It.
  • References

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