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Lil' Chopper Toy

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Released  September 10, 2002
Artist  Baby D
Label  Big Oomp Records
Recorded  2001-2002
Release date  10 September 2002
Genres  Crunk, Southern hip hop
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Lil' Chopper Toy(2002)  A-Town Secret Weapon (2007/2008)
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Baby d lil chopper toy original cd

Lil' Chopper Toy is the second album by Atlanta 18-year-old rapper Baby D. It was released in 2002 under Big Oomp Records.


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Track list

  1. "Intro" (feat. Big Oomp)
  2. "Get Crunk" (feat. Lil' C)
  3. "Live In Concert" (skit)
  4. "ATL Hoe!" (feat. Lil Jon, Pastor Troy & Archie)
  5. "Stomp That Shit" (feat. Lil' C)
  6. "Gangsta Walk" (feat. Jazze Pha, Lil' C & Slim J)
  7. "We Got The Club Jumpin" (feat. Lil' Will)
  8. "Big Korey" (skit)
  9. "Eastside Vs Westside Remix"
  10. "We Came To Get That Cheese" (feat. 8Ball & Thorough)
  11. "Ridin In A Chevy, Pt. 2" (feat. Lil' C)
  12. "Make Yo Shoulders Jump"
  13. "Slammin Cadillac Doors"
  14. "We Too Deep" (feat. Lil' C & Loko)
  15. "Gregg Street Party" (skit)
  16. "Let's Start A Fight" (feat. Slim J)
  17. "Suckas And Bustas"
  18. "Drop A Little Lower" (feat. Ying Yang Twins)
  19. "Bouncin" (feat. Lil' C & Loko)
  20. "Do You Wanna"
  21. Untitled hidden track


1Intro - Big Oomp1:16
2Get Crunk - Lil C3:22
3Live in Concert0:35


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