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Liberty Movement

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Liberty Movement

Liberty movement may also refer to the movement in America popularized by Ron Paul (Ron Paul presidential campaign, 2008).

Liberty Movement (in Spanish: Movimiento Libertad), was a political party in Peru founded in 1987 by groups opposing the nationalization of the banking sector in 1986. Instead it advocated a free market approach to solving Peru's hyperinflation, which peaked at over 7000%.

It was first formed in 1988 together with Popular Action and Christian People's Party, FREDEMO. In 1990 FREDEMO launched the Movimiento Libertad led by Mario Vargas Llosa as its presidential candidate. It was an attempt to make alliances between libertarian and the conservative right-wing factions. It led to a break between Vargas Llosa and Hernando de Soto.

The party was defeated by Alberto Fujimori in 1990.

After Mario Vargas Llosa abandoned politics and left the country, the movement was dissolved. Most former members joined PPC, AP, or the new political parties that arose for the 1995 presidential elections.

Many years later, a group of former member of this party founded in Lima, on April 2003, a new political movement called Libertarian Party of Peru (in Spanish Partido Liberal del Peru]). Its founding members are Jose Luis Tapia, Humberto Perez, Fernando Barrios, Myriam Ortiz, and Alberto Mansueti.


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