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Lewis Henry Morgan Lecture

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The Lewis Henry Morgan Lecture is a distinguished lecture held annually by the Department of Anthropology at the University of Rochester. Begun in 1963, the lectures honor the career and seminal research of American anthropologist Lewis H. Morgan. Many of the lectures have been published, including the inaugural one by South African anthropologist Meyer Fortes.

Past Lectures

2014 Stefan Helmreich, "Waves, An Anthropology Scientific Things"

2013 Peter van der Veer, "The Value of Comparison"

2012 Janet Carsten, "The Social Life of Blood: Transfers and Flows in Malaysia"

2011 Marisol de la Cadena, "Alternative Archives: Understanding Indigenous Politics the Andean Way"

2010 Lisa Rofel and Sylvia Yanagisako, "Managing the New Silk Road: Italian-Chinese Collaborations"

2009 James Ferguson, "Declarations of Dependence: Labor, Personhood, and Welfare in South Africa and Beyond"

2008 J. Lorand Matory, "The Other African Americans"

2007 Veena Das, "Everyday Life and the Claims of the Other"

2006 Tanya Luhrmann: "Learning to be an Evangelical Christian"

2005 Kay B. Warren, "Transnationalism: Global Solutions, Local Realities"

2004 Paul Farmer, "Swords of Sorrow: On Violence and Modernity"

2003 Elinor Ochs, "Becoming a Speaker of Culture"

2002 Frederick and Deborah Gewertz Errington, "Culture and Cargo: On Avoiding a History of the Self-Evident and the Self-Interested"

2001 Lila Abu-Lughod, "Media and the Ethnography of Nations"

2000 Ulf Hannerz, "Foreign News: Media and the World as a Single Place"

1999 Caroline H. Bledsoe, "The Contingent Lifecourse"

1998 Daniel Miller, "The Dialectics of Shopping"

1997 Jane I. Guyer, "Thresholds and Conversions: Explorations of Africa's Articulated Economies"


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