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Lev Elterman

Lev Elterman (born in Leningrad, USSR), immigrated with his family in 1989 to the United States where he attended Rush Medical College. He graduated at the top of his class with a number of awards and then went on to urological residency at Rush University Medical Center.

He is a faculty member at Rush University. He is serving as the Chief of the Urology section at Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital.

In 2001 Dr. Elterman founded the Chicago Association of Russian-speaking Physicians (CARP) which is a medical Society devoted to continuing education of physicians of the Chicago area. He is also the president of this organization.

He is the founding chairman (2011) of the International Russian-speaking Urological Society (iRUS). This organization is dedicated to promoting highest standards in urological education for Russian speaking urologists around the world. This organization is recognized by American Urological Association.1, 2.


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