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Lego (album)

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Released  2000
Lego (2000)  Sadist (2007)
Release date  2000
Label  System Shock
Length  69:19
Artist  Sadist
Producer  Sadist
Genres  Thrash metal, Nu metal
Lego (album) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen33eSad
Recorded  2000, Nadir Recording and Mastering
Similar  Crust, Tribe, Above the Light, Sadist

Sadist a tender fable lego

Lego is the fourth full-length studio album by the Italian progressive death metal band Sadist, released in 2000 by kmg. In this unexpected release, the band loses death vocals altogether, while maintaining hard driving guitars which are still present for a thrash metal background with vocals altered to a more nu metal styling, but on occasion Trevor provides harsher vocals. The release and sudden change in style could be traced back to the very reason the band had split-up in the first place, but it is still unclear as to why this occurred. The band then went on hiatus never to be heard from for five years after Lego was released and returned in 2005 with a new outlook and later redeemed themselves with their self-titled release, Sadist in 2007.


Lego is Sadist's longest album tracking in at 69:19.

Track listing

  1. "*" − 0:47
  2. "A Tender Fable" − 3:59
  3. "It's Not Good" − 4:30
  4. "Meat" − 3:34
  5. "Flies on Me" − 2:57
  6. "Fog" − 4:02
  7. "Plastic Star" − 6:31
  8. "Flowing out Red" − 3:12
  9. "I Want It" − 3:28
  10. "Welcome to My Zoo" − 4:05
  11. "Small Great Child" − 7:04
  12. "Dodgy Fuckin' Cow" − 3:19
  13. "The Line" − 4:32
  14. "Dogs Sledge Man" − 6:17
  15. "Cappuccetto Grosso" − 11:02


  • Trevor − vocals
  • Tommy − guitars, keyboards
  • Andy − bass
  • Alessio − drums
  • Songs

    A Tender Fable4:00
    It's Not Good4:31


    Lego (album) Wikipedia

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