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Lazy (X Press 2 song)

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Released  April 2002
Recorded  2001
Label  Skint
Format  CD single
Genre  Deep house
Length  6:58 (album version) 4:17 (radio edit)

"Lazy" is a single by English house duo X-Press 2, featuring vocals from Scottish-born American singer David Byrne. It was written and produced by X-Press 2 and co-written by Byrne. The song was released in April 2002 through Skint Records and reached number two on the UK Singles Chart, held off number one by "Unchained Melody" by Gareth Gates, and spent four weeks in the UK top 10.

"Lazy" won the Ivors Dance Award at the Ivor Novello Awards in 2003.

Music video

The music video features an extremely lazy man who has created a series of contraptions that enable him to go through his daily routine without moving at all. The video begins two shots of a bath with a green hosepipe covering the tap. We than see a transparent pipe in the toilet, with what appears to be urine flowing through it; the camera follows the pipe all the way back to the man, who is urinating into it while sitting on a sofa. He pulls a number of levers with different labels on them, such as "Coffee", "Eggs" and "Toast". He also leans back and has a shower wash his hair automatically, after which it is dried by a hair dryer and combed. The man then presses a button which activates a remote-controlled car (or "robot", as it is referred to in the video). As it collects his breakfast, he starts lies on his side and begins watching TV, but can't find anything on that is worth watching, so he pulls another lever which is labelled "Video"; this results in a robotic arm pushing a video labelled "X-Press 2" into the VCR. The video plays a workout video called "XPress-ercise 2", which features four women in thin black outfits. Upon seeing this, the man likes it and sits up. He uses another robotic arm to pick up the phone and hold it to his ear so that he can call someone. When the robot arrives with breakfast, the man sees it and hangs up. He stretches to try and reach the food but falls off the sofa. He then continues to stretch but to avail. Looking to his right, he sees a half-eaten Snickers which is covered in dust. Not wanting to stand up and collect his toast, eggs and coffee and continuing to have no luck stretching for them, he grabs the Snickers and starts eating it.


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