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Laurel (given name)

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Laurel is a unisex given name. The name is of English origin from the Latin Lauras with the meaning referring to the laurel tree. Various names related to Laurel are Laura, Lauren, Lori, and Lorraine. Another related name would be the Germanic Mythology name Lorelie which means "luring rock" and is mentioned in a German legend saying that a maiden named Lorelei, who lives upon a rock in Rhine River, lures fishermen into death by her songs.


Laurel may refer to:


  • Laurel Aitken (1927–2005), nicknamed the "Godfather of Ska"
  • Laurel Burch (1945–2007), folk artist known for her brightly colored feline themes
  • Laurel Clark (1961–2003), astronaut and doctor who flew on the last flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia
  • Laurel Halo, electronic musician
  • Laurell K. Hamilton, an American author
  • Laurel Holloman, an American actress
  • Laurel McGoff, an actress
  • Laurell, the stage name for Andrea Eigner, an American singer
  • Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, an American historian
  • Laurel Nakadate, American visual artist
  • Laurel Arnell-Cullen, British singer
  • Fictional characters

  • Laurel Banning, a character from All My Children
  • Laurel Darkhaven from the comic book series Rising Stars
  • Laurel-Ann Drummond, a character in the horror movie Pontypool
  • Laurel Gand, also known as Andromeda, a superheroine from DC Comics
  • Laurel Kent a superheroine from DC Comics
  • Laurel Lance, a character from Arrow (TV series)
  • Laurel Limoges, a character from Privileged (TV series)
  • Laurel, the main character from the YA novel Wings (Aprilynne Pike)
  • Laurel Scott, from the film The Oscar
  • Laurel Thomas, a character on the soap opera Emmerdale
  • Laurel Yeung, from Edgemont (TV series)
  • Laurel Stevenson, from the novella/TV movie The Langoliers
  • Laurel Weaver, the mortician from Men in Black. Becomes Agent L.
  • Laurel Gray, a major character in the novel and film adaptation In a Lonely Place
  • Laurel, a secondary character in the children's picture book 10,000 Dresses
  • Laurel Castillo, from How to Get Away with Murder
  • References

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