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Lateranus family

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Lateranus family or Laterani were a prominent family of Ancient Rome. The founder of the family P. Sextius Lateranus, was the first plebian to attain the rank of consul. They remained influential until the time of Constantine. Juvenal mentions their palace, and speaks of it as being of some magnificence, "regiæ ædes Lateranorum".

Notable Members

  • Aulus Plautius (The first consular governor of Brittania {Great Britain} AD43 – 46),
  • Plautius Lateranus from the death penalty in 48 after his affair with Messalina Plautius Lateranus, at the time consul designatus was accused of conspiracy against the emperor, and his goods were confiscated.
  • Quintus Plautius, who was consul in 36
  • Aulus Plautius (fl. 1st century), who was alleged to be the lover of Agrippina the younger. He was murdered by Agrippina's son Nero.
  • Plautia Urgulanilla
  • Constantine I married his second wife Fausta, sister of Maxentius, and through her acquired the families palaces to the crown.
  • The Laterani were related to Urgulania, a woman descended from Etruscan nobility and grand mother to the first wife of the emperor Claudius.
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