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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Lixinae
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Genus
Family  Curculionidae
Scientific name  Larinus
Higher classification  True weevils
Order  Beetle
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Lower classifications  Larinus minutus, Larinus planus, Larinus obtusus, Larinus latus, Lixus cardui

Larinus planus r sselk fer weevil

Larinus is a genus of true weevils, comprising about 180 species, mostly in the Palaearctic region. Turkey appears to have a significant diversity of the group, with more than 50 species recorded in the Eastern part of the country.

Larinus TrekNature Larinus sp Photo

Several of these beetles are used as agents of biological pest control against noxious weeds. They feed on flower heads, destroying the developing seeds of the weeds.

Larinus Larinus jaceae

Species include:

  • Larinus araxicola Gultekin, 2006
  • Larinus brevis
  • Larinus centaurea Oliver, 1807
  • Larinus curtus
  • Larinus cynarae
  • Larinus filiformis Petri
  • Larinus flavescens
  • Larinus gigas
  • Larinus grisescens Gyllenhal
  • Larinus jaceae
  • Larinus latus Herbst
  • Larinus minutus
  • Larinus obtusus
  • Larinus orientalis Capiomont, 1874
  • Larinus planus
  • Larinus sibiricus
  • Larinus sturnus

  • Larinus Larinus obtusus Wikipedia
    Larinus Larinus Phyllonomeus sturnus Schaller 1783
    Larinus Canada Thistle Bud Weevil Larinus planus BugGuideNet


    Larinus Wikipedia

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