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Lambda Aquarii

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Surface temperature  3,835 K
Radius  348,000 km (0.5 R☉)
Constellation  Aquarius
Mass  7.16 × 10^30 kg (3.6 M☉)
Magnitude  3.722
Apparent magnitude (V)  3.722
Lambda Aquarii
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Lambda Aquarii (λ Aqr, λ Aquarii) is the Bayer designation for a star in the equatorial constellation of Aquarius. The apparent visual magnitude of this star is 3.722, which is bright enough to be visible with the naked eye. It is roughly 390 light-years (120 pc) from Earth.

In Chinese, 壘壁陣 (Lěi Bì Zhèn), meaning Line of Ramparts, refers to an asterism consisting of λ Aquarii, κ Capricorni, ε Capricorni, γ Capricorni, δ Capricorni, ι Aquarii, σ Aquarii, φ Aquarii, 27 Piscium, 29 Piscium, 33 Piscium and 30 Piscium. Consequently, λ Aquarii itself is known as 壘壁陣七 (Lěi Bì Zhèn qī, English: the Seventh Star of Line of Ramparts.)

Lambda Aquarii is a red giant star with a stellar classification of M2.5 III. It is classified as slow irregular variable and pulsation periods of 24.5, 32.0, and 49.5 days have been identified. This star is on the asymptotic giant branch and is generating energy through the nuclear fusion of hydrogen and helium along concentric shells surrounding an inert core of carbon and oxygen.


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