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Laleh Seddigh

Name  Laleh Seddigh
Role  Race car driver
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Laleh Seddigh (born 1977 in Tehran) is an Iranian female race car driver. She races both on circuits and in rallies. She lives in Tehran and has been called the "little Schumacher". She is recognized as the best female racer in the country. She is trained by former national champion Saeed A'rabian.

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Early life

Laleh Seddigh Film on Iran39s first female motor racing champion provokes

Seddigh started driving at the age of 13, taught by her father. She passed her driving test at 18.

Driving career

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Seddigh had to get special permission from a local ayatollah in order to compete against men. Permission was granted since driving is not deemed a contact sport, and on the condition that Seddigh would confirm to dress-codes. At 28, Laleh Seddigh was known for her stunning looks and legendary driving skills. A PhD student from Tehran, she has been nicknamed "a little Schumacher" after the German Formula One champion. She has been given the title of Iran's best female racing driver. The story is featured in a BBC TV documentary called "Girl Racer". some of her career achievements are:

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Rally - Started her career in 2000 - Women Champion 2003, 2004 - Captain of Proton Rally team - Completed 28 Rallies - 7 Podiums, 3 First place

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Races - Started car racing in 2004 - Completed 5 races (Peugeot 206, 1600 cc & Proton 1500 cc) - 7 Podium finishes, five 1st Places - National Champion Peugeot 206 - 1600cc

Television appearances

Seddigh's story is featured in a BBC TV documentary called Girl Racer, transmitted in 2008.

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Laleh Seddigh Laleh Seddigh recursion by Luke Francl

"Resistance from men does not bother me. Once I get on the track I like to use my technical skills, take control and dominate the other drivers."

"Most of them, I think, are jealous, and I don't care about that. I am just going and going and hoping to be champion in the next years and I will really try to achieve that goal."

"Every time I want to practice or make a test drive, the track staff ask me for a letter of permission even though I am the captain of the Proton speed team. Men never have this kind of hassle."


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