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Lake Bridgeport (Texas)

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Type  artificial reservoir
Basin countries  United States
Area  48.38 km²
Width  15.29 km
Inflow source  Trinity River
Primary outflows  Eagle Mountain Lake
Max. length  19 mi (31 km)
Length  30.58 km
Outflow location  Eagle Mountain Lake
Lake Bridgeport (Texas) wwwlakebridgeportcomLakeBridgeport1cjpg
Primary inflows  West Fork of the Trinity River
Catchment area  1,111 sq mi (2,880 km) of watershed
Cities  Runaway Bay, Lake Bridgeport

Lake Bridgeport, also known as Bridgeport Lake, is a man-made, freshwater reservoir located in Wise and Jack Counties in North Texas. The lake was created by damming the West Fork of the Trinity River and sits upstream from Eagle Mountain Lake. The lake is owned by the Tarrant Regional Water District and the water impounded is used for flood control, residential and commercial sales, irrigation, and recreation.


Map of Lake Bridgeport, Texas, USA


Lake Bridgeport has its origins as Bridgeport Reservoir, a component of the Triniy River canalization plan to prevent flooding along the West Fork of the Trinity River. Construction of the lake’s dam began in 1929 and was completed in 1931. The estimated cost to complete the project was $2 million.


Lake Bridgeport is a popular freshwater fishing destination for anglers. Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Hybrid Bass, and Sand Bass are some of the noted varieties of gamefish caught there.

Lake Bridgeport is also a popular recreational boating destination. Boat ramps and marinas are located at various locations throughout the shore.

Wise County Park, (located on the northern end of the lake) provides camping and day use facilities.


Lake Bridgeport (Texas) Wikipedia

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