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Laiyi, Pingtung

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Local time  Saturday 4:43 PM
Province  Taiwan Province
Laiyi, Pingtung
Weather  23°C, Wind NW at 18 km/h, 66% Humidity

Laiyi Township (Chinese: 來義鄉; pinyin: Láiyì Xiāng; Wade–Giles: Lai2-i4 Hsiang1) is a mountain indigenous township that lies in Pingtung County in southern Taiwan at the foot of Dawu Mountain. Laiyi is the native home of the Paiwan people. Many ancient customs and religious rites are still practiced in Laiyi, which has been regarded as the traditional religious center for the Paiwan Tribe.


Map of Laiyi, Laiyi Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 922

Laiyi is scenic with many streams spanned by suspension bridges, waterfalls and cliffs, and aboriginal totem sculptures.

Administrative divisions

The township comprises seven villages: Danlin, Gulou, Laiyi, Nanhe, Wangjia, Wenle and Yilin.


Laiyi, Pingtung Wikipedia

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