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Laguna de Ayarza

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Location  Casillas, Santa Rosa
Primary outflows  none
Surface area  14 km (5.4 sq mi)
Surface elevation  1,409 m
Lake type  Crater lake
Primary inflows  none
Basin countries  Guatemala
Max. depth  230 m (750 ft)
Area  14 km²
Laguna de Ayarza httpsiytimgcomvi2d1WIVdK70smaxresdefaultjpg

Laguna de Ayarza ([laˈɣuna ðe aˈʝarsa]) is a crater lake in Guatemala. The lake is a caldera that was created some 20,000 years ago by a catastrophic eruption that destroyed a twinned volcano and blanketed the entire region with a layer of pumice. The lake has a surface area of 14 km² and a maximum depth of 230 m. The lake has a surface elevation of 1409 m.

Map of Laguna de Ayarza, Guatemala


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