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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Orchidaceae
Tribe  Epidendreae
Rank  Genus
Order  Asparagales
Subfamily  Epidendroideae
Subtribe  Laeliinae
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People also search for  Caulaelia, ×Catcylaelia, Kawamotoara

Laeliocatarthron, abbreviated Lcr. in the horticultural trade, is the nothogenus containing intergeneric hybrids with at least one ancestor in each of the natural genera Cattleya, Caularthron, and Laelia, and with no ancestors in any other natural genera.


A Laeliocatarthron can be produced by hybrids of the following nothogenera and/or natural genera:

  • Cattleya × Caulaelia
  • Caularthron × Laeliocattleya
  • Caulaelia × Laeliocattleya
  • Caulaelia × Caulocattleya
  • Caulocattleya × Laeliocattleya
  • Caulocattleya × Laelia
  • Laeliocatarthron × Cattleya
  • Laeliocatarthron × Caulaelia
  • Laeliocatarthron × Caularthron
  • Laeliocatarthron × Caulocattleya
  • Laeliocatarthron × Laelia
  • Laeliocatarthron × Laeliocatarthron
  • Laeliocatarthron × Laeliocattleya
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