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Ladder Street

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Traditional Chinese  樓梯街
Hanyu Pinyin  Lóutī Jiē
Major cities  Hong Kong
Simplified Chinese  楼梯街
Yale Romanization  lau tai gaai
Ladder Street

Ladder Street (Chinese: 樓梯街) is a street in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, consisting entirely of stone steps.

Map of Ladder St, Hong Kong

One of the most visited temples in Hong Kong, the Man Mo Temple, is on Hollywood Road at the corner of Ladder Street.

There is also the oldest western hospital, the Tung Wah Hospital, and some funeral homes in the area. It is said that more than 100 years ago, when coolies died, their bodies were rested here for funeral services before they were carried back to their home villages back in China. Euphemistically, people call these shops as "long-living shops". Another old-fashioned slang is "four-and-a-half-piece", possibly referring to the number of pieces of wood used to make a coffin.


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