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Lacaille 9352

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Luminosity (bolometric)  0.033 Lā˜‰
Magnitude  7.34
Apparent magnitude (V)  7.34
ARICNS  data
Constellation  Piscis Austrinus
Lacaille 9352 wwwdaviddarlinginfoimagesLacaille9352jpg
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Lacaille 9352 (Lac 9352) is a star in the southern constellation of Piscis Austrinus. With an apparent visual magnitude of 7.34, this star is too faint to be viewed with the naked eye even under excellent seeing conditions. Parallax measurements place it at a distance of about 10.74 light-years (3.29 parsecs) from Earth. It is the eleventh closest star system to the Solar System and is the closest star in the constellation Piscis Austrinus. The ChView simulation shows that its closest neighbour is the EZ Aquarii triple star system at about 4.1 ly from Lacaille 9352.


This star has the fourth highest known proper motion, (which was first noticed by Benjamin Gould in 1881) moving a total of 6.9 arcseconds per year. However, this is still a very small movement overall, as there are 3,600 arcseconds in a degree of arc. The space velocity components of this star are (U, V, W) = (āˆ’93.9, āˆ’14.1, āˆ’51.4) km/s. If the radial velocity (Vr) equals +9.7 km/s then about 2,700 years ago Lacaille 9352 was at its minimal distance of approximately 10.63 ly (3.26 pc) from the Sun.

The spectrum of Lacaille 9352 places it at a stellar classification of M0.5V, indicating it is a type of main sequence star known as a red dwarf. This was the first red dwarf star to have its angular diameter measured, with the physical diameter being about 46% of the Sun's radius. It has around half the mass of the Sun and the outer envelope has an effective temperature of about 3,626 K.


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