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Lac de l'Hongrin

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Location  Vaud
Primary inflows  Hongrin
Basin countries  Switzerland
Surface elevation  1,255 m
Catchment area  45.6 km²
Type  reservoir
Primary outflows  Hongrin
Surface area  1.60 km (0.62 sq mi)
Area  160 ha
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Lac de l'Hongrin is a reservoir in Vaud, Switzerland. The reservoir with a surface area of 1.60 km2 (0.62 sq mi) is located in the municipalities of Château-d'Œx and Ormont-Dessous. The two arch dams Hongrin Nord and Hongrin Sud were completed in 1969. The Dam helps with hydro electricity, and stops flooding in the area.

Map of Lac de l'Hongrin, Switzerland

The water of the Hongrin reservoir is used for the Veytaux Pumped Storage Power Station. This power station has currently a nameplate capacity of 240 megawatts. Additional turbines which will double capacity to 480 MW will be commissioned by end of 2015.


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