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Lac de Saint Amans

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Location  Aveyron
Primary outflows  ruisseau de St-Amans
Surface area  0.11 km (0.042 sq mi)
Surface elevation  727 m
Type  reservoir
Basin countries  France
Max. depth  26 m (85 ft)
Area  11 ha
Lac de Saint-Amans

Lac de Saint-Amans is an artificial lake in Le Truel, Aveyron, France close to Villefranche-de-Panat, and 500m above the Tarn river. At an elevation of 727 m, it has surface area of 0.11 kmĀ². It is captured by the Barrage de Saint-Amans. It is a holding reservoir, taking water between the Lac de Villefranche-de-Panat and the hydro-electric power station at Le Pouget power station.

Map of Lac de Saint-Amans, 12430 Le Truel, France


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