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LaFlora, the Princess Academy

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Publisher  E.Q.Plus
Genre  see below
Format  Ongoing series
Number of issues  55
LaFlora, the Princess Academy 13 on Twitter quot La
Main character(s)  Tiwa Pudpichya Yang Meihua Fujiwara Yuri Rosary Gray Nasissa Lafebwer

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LaFlora, the Princess academy (Thai: ลา ฟลอร่า โรงเรียนป่วนก๊วนเจ้าหญิง) is a Thai Comics series. The comics have nine sets of this. e.g. "LaFlora", "LaFlora: the best of my country", "LaFlora Board game", "LaFlora: Honey Rally", "LaFlora: Club Festa", "LaFlora Animation", "LaFlora Novel" and "Comictionary LaFlora: Rosary Please".


LaFlora, the Princess Academy NarcissaLa Flora Princess Academy by PammyBrony on DeviantArt

la flora gogo asean ep 01


LaFlora, the Princess Academy RequestLa floraMiele princess by BlackBamboo on DeviantArt

Tiwa, a Thai descent girl, have gone to study at LaFlora Academy in Mediterranean Sea she wants to find her mother that went missing. At the academy, she meets many friends. It includes Yang Mei-hua, daughter of the Yang Family Restaurant, Fujiwara Yuri, daughter of the Yakuza. Gray Rosary, daughter of the great scientist and Nasissa, daughter of the France's president.

LaFlora Academy

LaFlora, the Princess Academy NarcissaLa Flora Princess Academy by PammyBrony on DeviantArt
Tiwa Pudpichya
Tiwa is a girl who lives with her father who is a doctor. She is from Thailand, and her age is estimated to be 11 years old (2009). Her hair is brown with a ponytail on her back, she wears yellow-gold pin hair with a red uniform. She wears pink shoes. She is in E room, princess class. She is also known as "Monkey" in her academy. First appearance: Series 1-Present. LaFlora, the Princess Academy 13 on Twitter quot
Yang Meihua
Meihua is a Chinese girl who is good at Kung fu, she is very close to Tiwa, as Tiwa is her best friend. Her hair is light ocean blue with two buns, she wears black shoes with red uniform. E room, princess class. Mei hua wants to open her own restaurant and she is the 4th generation of the Yang Family. First appearance: Series 1-Present. LaFlora, the Princess Academy httpsiytimgcomviXB9vH2LSdcAhqdefaultjpg
Fujiwara Yuri
She is from Japan. Yuri is a very clumsy and shy girl who love to help others. Her hair is long and green with long twintails, it is long that it reaches her shoes. She wears black shoes with a casual red uniform. E room, princess class. Her father is a Yakuza. Even though she is very clumsy and shy, Yuri can be really friendly to the others. First appearance: Series 1-Present. LaFlora, the Princess Academy La FloraPart of your world Multilanguage YouTube
Rosary Gray
Rosary is good at science. She lives in United KingdomUnited Kingdom, England. Her hair is short, light blue with medium-dark yellow strands of hair. She wears punked fashion red uniform. She wears black boots with zip. She is in E room because of Tiwa, Mei hua and Yuri. Rosary has a punk fashion, even in cooking class she look like doing experiment. Her nickname is Rose given by Miniara. First appearance: Series 1( Not present), Series 2- Present.
Nasissa Lafevere
Nasissa is a proud girl and she is rich. Her hair is blonde and curly with big, pink ribbon. She wears casual red uniform, her shoe is red and black pairs of socks with white feathers on it. Whenever she listens to stories, she gets sleepy. At first, she is a vain,unfriendly and proud girl and didn't want to be friends with Tiwa, but when it reaches the 5th series of the book, it seems that she apologized to Tiwa and the others and asked to be their friends. She is nicknamed "The Chameleon" by her friends because she is very mean. She cause Tiwa to be blacklisted. First appearance: Series 1-4(not present), Series 5-Present.

Noah Academy

Kim Giyul

Kim Giyul, also known as Giyul, is a Korean boy who wears glasses and a student from Noah Prince Academy, an academy that boys study in a ship. He is also the President of the Students. Giyul may look quite serious from time to time but actually he is kind. He is a handsome boy if he does not wear his glasses. He can't be considered as Tiwa's boyfriend, but he secretly seems to have a crush on her.

Leonardo Dunte

Leornardo Dunte loves UFO and aliens, and he is an annoying and childish boy. Though Dunte is very clumsy, he is very cheerful. He is also one of the 5 princes, and dances with Nasissa in the prom.

Horus Patolemi

Horus is a boy from Egypt, and one of the 5 princes. He is kind and cool, with a good memory of Egypt histories. Because of his kind personality, he is the leader of 5 Princes. He also dances with Mei Hua in the prom.

La Flora Academy

Esmeranda Tapusda

Esmeranda is a girl from Spain whose parents are famous bakers. She was born on 9 September. Her archrival is Nasissa, because every time they were in baking competition, Nasissa will make a plan to cheat so Esmeranda won't win. She also has an assistant who always at her side, and her name is Grace.

Mariona Rinorine

Mariona Rinorine's nickname, Mari/Mariona is an Italian girl who is born on 26 September. Even though she is handicapped, she never shows her weakness in front of anyone. She is in the Princess Class, room C. She is also known as "The Black Rose from Roman". She can also be clumsy when Tiwa is around her.

Meena Aranti

Meena is a Nepal girl and she is the granddaughter of Tensing Norge. She is an arrogant girl who wants to try everything by herself, and don't want the help of others. But then she discovered that working hard together as a team can solve a problem. She is in Princess Class,room D.

Adreana De Cassia Sampaio

Adreana is from Brazil and born on 18 August. She is shy but good at Capoeira, a self-defence skill from Brazil. She is shy but actually lacks confidence, and a friend of Mei Hua's sister, Mei Lin.

The Pumpkin Gang

Also known ad "Black Pumpkin", they wanted to steal treasures from all over the world. There are many members of the Pumpkin Gang, but some of they're names are mentioned in the story. Ou Tu, the leader of the Pumpkin Gang, Mona, the long pink-haired lady, and Gong He, the expert of making drums. They also make appearance in LaFlora: Honey Rally, but hid themselves as Eagle Eyes gang and they only intention is the prize of the Mace. All of them finally in jail, but except for Ou Tu, who escaped.

La Flora: Honey Rally


Plato is from Greece who is good at stories. He is known as "The Story-teller with 108 Faces" because he can changes the emotions and skins from the stories. Plato's first appearance is LaFlora: Honey Rally, 2nd book.

Miniara Sanarin

Miniara's nickname is Mint, and she is Rosary's childhood friend. She is the one who gave Rosary's nickname, Rose, but is unknown if her nickname is really Rose. Mint is very naughty and doesn't like anyone giving Rose a thing, such as the Ginseng Soup. First appearance is LaFlora: Honey Rally, 3rd book.

Lee Narin

Narin is a girl from Singapore. She is known as "Merlion" from class B because she loves to swim underwater, and has a pink dolphin named Lily. She is very energetic underwater only, but at the land she becomes tired. Her first appearance is LaFlora: Honey Rally, 4th book.


Kritsana is a boy from India who is very funny and has a fiance and that is Intira. Kritsana is from Noah Academy. His first appearance is LaFlora: Honey Rally, the 4th book.


Rohani is a girl from Malaysia. She is from E class,the class of Tiwa. She knows a lot about flower, and has a brother name Raihan, and he also from Malaysia too. She always smiles, and because of her body is very small, everyone don't know where she hid her camera and her giant hammer. First appearance: LaFlora: Honey Rally, the 5th book.


Raihan is a boy from Malaysia and knows about flower, and his sister is Rohani. He smiles like his sister but not so much because he is a boy. First appearance: LaFlora: Honey Rally, the 5th book.

Mei Rong

Mei Rong is a from class E Lady who loves to play clay, even her father didn't want her to do like that. First appearance: LaFlora: Honey Rally, the 6th book.


Honic is from Noah. He is actually a girl and the Propolis's princess, Miele(Mila). Honic loves a round things and he is from Germany. First appearance: LaFlora: Honey Rally, the 6th book.


Sania is a farm girl from LaFlora, she has a cow name Tomo. Whenever she is indoor, she feels sleepy and don't have energy but to sleep, but at outdoor she suddenly becomes energetic. First Appearance: LaFlora: Honey Rally, 7th book.

Yang Tai Shan

Tai Shan is a boy with long, black hair. He loves to sell something, such as the traditional food Nam Ni Yong. Very good at crafts. First appearance: LaFlora: Honey Rally, 8th book.


Bijaya is from Indonesia who loves to explore about animals. Even she really loves to adventure, she is actually a quiet person. She just like Meena, loves to explore, but they are very different. First appearance: LaFlora: Honey Rally, 9th book.

Princess Miele (Mila)

Miele is a princess from Propolis who disguise herself as Honic, the Germany student from Noah. She is playful, energetic and full of emotions but every time the King of Propolis, Bi Deng always mad at her, she became sad and lost. Her only intention is to win the Mace of Propolis.

King Bi Deng

The King of Propolis who is old, and took high hopes for Princess Miele. But she doesn't understand the rules of Royalty, Bi Deng always mad at her, and then, she lost forever. He stopped searching for Miele, and it hurt Miele, so instead Bi Deng search for the new inheritor for the Mace of Propolis to become the king/queen so they would replace him.

Yang Mei Lin

Yang Mei Lin is the elder sister of Yang Mei Hua. She is strong ,smart and good in Kung fu,. She is also the 4th generation of the Yang family. Mei Lin wishes that her sister,Mei Hua is able to catch up to her Kung Fu skills. First appearance:La Flora: Princess Academy, 9th book.

LaFlora Max Academy

Lissa Þórðarson
Jamie Chan
Amy E. Kangaroo
Aelita Reāiletee
Ludwiga Van Gogh

Noah Max Academy

Hans Höek
Hua-Fan Kun
Chage K. Syrup
Łúkáks Wárałsawa
Françis La Bemme


The Director

Her real name is unknown, she is the director of the academy, she is very friendly, helpful, give chances and kind. She still has a maid costume, and the maid in the academy. Her hair is around stomach length. She has long, green hair. First appearance: Series 1.

Mrs. Marie Guimar

The scariest and angriest teacher in the academy.Mrs. Marie really serious to do something. She never be happy or childish, she always read the big and thick rule book. Mrs. Marie has a brown, short hair and always wear a medium-light red scuff around her neck with a brown uniform. First appearance: Series 1.

Mr. Vincent

Mr. Vincent really loves dancing. He is the kindest teacher of all in LaFlora. But to Tiwa, Mr. Vincent is really ugly and weird, as he appears to be like a girly man. Mr. Vincent has a short, grey hair and a white uniform. First appearance: Series 1.

Mrs. Lolita Fashion

Mrs. Lolita is the fashion teacher of the academy, she wears gothic lolita fashions (and that may be because her name is Lolita Fashion). If you want to ask about fashions, don't ask your friends-just leave it to Mrs. Lolita! She can answer your questions! First appearance: Series 2.

Mrs. Hospital / Mrs. Mission

Mrs. Hospital has a unique fashion. Nobody knows where is she come from, including her real name. They call her by the name "Mrs. Hospital". In the 8th series, it is revealed when the vampire scratches her hair, a long, dark blue hair is actually her real hair, and Tiwa thinks that she might be her mother, Irin. While the 10th series revealed that she is actually Tiwa's mother(As Tiwa think), and soon at the last page she is actually Tiwa's aunt named Arin. Soon Tiwa calls her " Aunt/Aunty Arin". In the 6th series, she has two names, one is Mrs. Hospital and the other one, Mrs. Mission. First appearance: Series 3.

Mr. Shanetee

He is the teacher of room C and a sport teacher. Even though his physical appearance is a man, but his thinking is 100% like a woman! He really understands his students. First appearance: Series 6.

Professor Herodotus

He is the teacher of The World History subject. He is the 27th generation of Herodotus. He rarely speaks a lot, but his puppet were the one who helps him speak.

Mrs. Irin / Irin

She is one of the students of La Flora long ago, and has the same personality as Tiwa, but she looks mature and smart instead of her daughter. Every students admired her, but they don't know she is Tiwa's mother. She were very similar to Arin, her sister.

The Director (Noah)

The Director of Noah doesn't stand of hot, and very funny at some times. He loves to try out new costumes of mascots, and keep a white bear as his anmal / pet. His clothes look rebel but he is very kind.

La Flora Academy

1: The International Furniture Secret Room

2: Mystery of the English Gown

3: The Best Cooking Competition

4: Scary Story of the Dolls

5: The International Sweets Party

6: Weird Festival and Sports

7: A Great International Dance Show

8: The Ghost Gang that Terror in the Ghost Museum

9: The Highest Level of the Self-defence

10: The Secret of the Well-known Painting

La Flora: Honey Rally

1: Fun Concert and Instruments Presentation

2: The Fairy Tale Competition

3: Medical Science and Spa Treatment

4: The Populace's Games from the Whole World

5: The Affable Parents Council with Flora Party Theme

6: Creation of the World and Humans


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