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La Victoria District, Lima

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Country  Peru
Founded  February 2, 1920
Subdivisions  1 populated center
Elevation  133 m
Province  Lima Province
Region  Lima
Capital  La Victoria
Time zone  PET (UTC-5)
Area  8.74 km²
La Victoria District, Lima httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommons33

La Victoria is a district of the Lima in Peru and is one of the most populous districts comprising the city of Lima.


Map of La Victoria, Peru

La Victoria borders downtown Lima on the northwest, the district of Lince on the west, San Isidro on the southwest, San Borja on the south, San Luis on the east, and El Agustino on the northeast.

La Victoria has several sections:

  • La Victoria proper extends from Avenida Grau in the north to Avenida Mexico in the south and from Paseo de la República Expressway in the west to Avenida San Pablo in the east. It is the most populous sector and it is filled with mom and pop stores, although Avenida Iquitos has a thriving auto parts sector. Gamarra Street is known in the entire city as a steady, if poor, clothier's row. Former Worker´s Hospital, now known as Guillermo Almenara Hospital, belonging to the Social Security System (ESSALUD), is located on Avenida Grau
  • Balconcillo, immediately south of Avenida Mexico running toward Avenida Canadá, is slightly more residential, although it has some industrial offices, such as the local Ajinomoto and Xerox licensee offices.
  • Santa Catalina, running south from Avenida Canadá toward Avenida Javier Prado (marking the boundaries with San Isidro and San Borja districts) is the most residential and affluent section of all the district.
  • The areas around the mountain (hill), Cerro San Cosme and El Pino, are completely integrated into the hills in the northeast part of the district, sometimes counted as part of Victoria, but they design their own street. This sector is known as The Parade, from the nickname of the popular market products wholesale as well as several bus terminals located there now.
  • La Victoria is home to one of the most popular football teams in Peru: Alianza Lima. It has the Estadio Alejandro Villanueva, allowing you to play at home, is located near the housing project Hooch in the southern part of La Victoria. La Victoria is very historical and located in downtown Lima.

    Today's La Victoria offers its residents and visitors to the satisfaction of visiting its stately parks and enjoy the wonders of their culture, thereby imparting values among younger generations. It must be emphasized that La Victoria is a very busy public district.


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