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La Saga, Negocio de Familia

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Opening theme  Instrumental
First episode date  15 March 2004
Number of episodes  186
Language  Spanish
8/10 IMDb

Country of origin  Colombia
Final episode date  2004
Genre  Telenovela
Executive producer  Dago García
La Saga, Negocio de Familia La Saga Negocio de Familia Episodio 2 Espaol Latino Colombia
Created by  Dario Alberto Dago García
Written by  Dago García, Paola Cázares, Paola Arias
Directed by  Juan Carlos Villamizar Delgado, Diego Mejía, Germán Porras, Juan Delgado
Starring  Robinson Díaz Diego Cadavid Frank Ramírez Juan Carlos Vargas Luis Fernando Bohórquez Nicolás Rincón Manuel José Chávez Marlon Moreno Jairo Camargo Ronald Ayazo Katherine Vélez Flora Martínez María Helena Doering Isabella Santodomingo Luis Mesa Sandra Reyes Catalina Aristizábal Martina García Patricia Castañeda Ana Bolena Meza Patricia Ércole Manuela González Estefanía Borge Liliana González Judy Henríquez Patricia Vásquez
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La saga negocio de familia

La Saga, Negocio de Familia (in English The Saga; Family business) was a popular Colombian "telenovela" aired in 2004 By Caracol TV and currently airing (starting in 2006) on GenTV in South Florida. The show follows the history of the Manrique family, which was prominent in the underworld of Bogotá, Colombia. This telenovela is characterized by an unconventional plot; it is not a love story, but several stories of events that occur through five generations of the same family. Moreover, in this production there is no humor and the plot is marked by death, suffering and crime.


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It received the "Best Telenovela" award at the Colombian Television Awards in 2005.

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La Saga, Negocio de Familia Te Vi Alejandro Martinez La Saga Negocio de Familia YouTube

1930: Exile This is the story of the Manrique, a provincial family that moved to Bogotá after one of its patriarchs decided to try his luck in the city. He ended up founding a criminal organization by accident and decided to strengthen it. Then, he tried to reintegrate into society but tragically succumbed after having created an illegal world.

La Saga, Negocio de Familia La saga negocio de familia Soundtrack extrado1 YouTube

The decade of the 30s brought a radical, violent, and armed political conflict to the country. Tomás Manrique, a man of class and wealthy family, had to flee his home town with his wife Josefina and his son Pedrito. During the night, an armed group unexpectedly barges into a party, killing every male they found to be in the opposing political party. When this war that Tomás had decided not to be a part of had begun, he moves to the capital with his family helped by a worker from the railway station. The worker, Pascual Martinez, leads them to a small inn owned by Magnolia, a woman dedicated to witchcraft. However, Pascual, in complicity with Magnolia, breaks into the family's room and steals their money, after Pascual decides he can be cheated. When Tomás confronts him, he is brutally beaten, but when he recovers from his wounds, Tomás takes revenge by stealing Pascual's gold cuff links from his room. Later, both men settle their differences and go to a brothel owned by Deborah, Pascual's lover. The brothel becomes a haunt for both of them. Helped by Pascual, Tomás accepts a job in a factory that manufactures screws.

La Saga, Negocio de Familia LA SAGA Negocio de Familia Historia Veridica

One afternoon, a group of thieves enters the factory. Tomás accidentally ends up being the hero when he immobilizes the criminals, winning the respect and trust of his boss Facundo, who allows Tomás, dandy by nature, to enter and desire his wealthy lifestyle, full of luxury and commodity. But Tomás knows that collecting such a fortune means many years of hard work, and he is not willing to wait that long. He decides to rob his boss's house with the complicity of Pascual, a thief and new friend. In order to get the guns for this, they made a deal with a mobster who, in return, asks for part of the loot and takes Pedro, Tomás's son, as a guarantee. Tomás accepts the deal, but things get complicated, and he ends up accidentally killing his boss and also later killing the mobster who lent them the guns, thereby not sharing any of the loot. He rescues his son and gets home with a feeling of having done the right thing.

This marks the beginning of a world of crime in the life of Tomás, and little by little, the Manriques rise to the point of a stable income and well-being through legal and illegal businesses. Tomás's dream of becoming a well-established, honest businessman and gentleman never come true, and he slowly resigns himself to work in the underworld.

1940s: The Legacy

Ten years later, Pedro has become 20. Pedro falls in love with the daughter of the man who killed the men of his village. Pedro plays poker with the man and with help from Pasqual he gets all of the man's money. His daughter hated Pedro when she found out that her father lost the money she made a deal. The deal was if she could beat him she would get the money back for her father. If she lost she would have sex with him. He almost lost but, wins he tells her he is better than that.


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