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La Notte (newspaper)

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La Notte was an Italian afternoon newspaper published in Milan between 1952 and 1995.


The newspaper was financed by industrialist Carlo Pesenti, who wanted to stem the tide of communism in the country and support the majority electoral law, referred by the left opposition a "swindle law". The journalist Nino Nutrizio, the former chief editor of sport news of the Il Popolo d'Italia, was appointed director, and he held this position until 1979..

The newspaper got an unexpected success, with a peak of 250,000 issues per day during the 1960s. It gave a large space to crime news and sports. It also introduced several innovations in the Italian newspaper structure: it was the first Italian newspaper to publish stock market reports, the first to publish a guide to film shows with timetables, addresses of cinemas, prices, phone numbers and transports, and the first to review films giving them a vote, something which raised the ire of the cinema-owners who even launched a campaign to boycott the newspaper.

In 1984 the newspaper was bought by the publisher Rusconi, and in 1993 it was acquired by Paolo Berlusconi. Following its dropping sales, it closed on January 1995. An attempt to relaunch the newspaper in 1997 only lasted a few weeks.


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