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Krusty (music group)

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Years active  2005 - present
Active from  2005
Genre  Cantopop
Active until  2008
Origin  Hong Kong
Label  Silly Thing

Similar  Super Girls (Hong Kong band), As One (Hong Kong band), Cookies (Hong Kong band)
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Krusty is a Cantopop music group formed by Jan Cheung (Chinese: 張詠恩; pinyin: Zhāng Yǒngēn) and Chucky (Chinese: 活己嵐; pinyin: Huó Jǐlán). The group was created by the Hong Kong music production company Silly Thing in 2005, and is characterised by its outstanding dancing skill, bright and upbeat melodies and cute appearance. Probably because of that, the group received a considerable number of commercial and advertising contracts in its first year. Clients in 2005 alone included Panasonic, Esprit, Coca-Cola, Levi's, Sunday, Beauty Square, California Red Karaoke, Puma and 2% ODF.

Krusty's first album, Hello Krusty, was released in 2005 and the song "Krusty’s Wardrobe" soon became a #1 hit on the Hong Kong Music Bus for two weeks.

Jan Cheung is the older sister of Steven Cheung, the leader of another Cantopop music group Sun Boy'z, and Ryan Cheung. They were born of Chinese/Dutch parentage.


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