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Kirei board

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Kirei(TM) Board is an engineered panel product of the company Kirei USA, constructed from the left-over, post-harvest stalks of the sorghum plant.

Its manufacture is more involved than that of particle board, as the stalks are first woven tightly and then heat-pressed with an adhesive. Designed to be strong, lightweight, environmentally friendly and sustainable, Kirei Board is intended for wall coverings, cabinetry, furniture, flooring and other decorative and finished products.

The word kirei (JP 奇麗/きれい;IPA [ki 'rei]) is a Japanese adjective possessing a range of meanings: beautiful, clean, pure and truthful.

In some applications, Kirei Board is used as a decorative material in its own right (featuring its visually distinctive grain), while in others it is used as a building wood in cabinets and shelving, then covered with a veneer of another wood. As it is a soft material, Kirei board is not indicated for flooring in high traffic areas. It is not rated as an outdoor structural panel material.


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