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Kingsbridge Road (IND Concourse Line)

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Division  B (IND)
Structure  Underground
Borough  The Bronx
Line  IND Concourse Line
Opened  1 July 1933
Tracks  3
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Address  East Kingsbridge Road & Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10468
Services  B  (rush hours until 7:00 p.m.)       D  (all times)
Transit connections  NYCT Bus: Bx1, Bx2, Bx9, Bx22, Bx28 MTA Bus: BxM4
Locale  Fordham, Kingsbridge Heights
Similar  155th Street, 125th Street, Tremont Avenue, Fordham Road, 103rd Street

Kingsbridge Road is an express station on the IND Concourse Line of the New York City Subway. It is served by the D train at all times and the B train during rush hours only. It has three tracks and two island platforms.


Station layout

The station has three tracks and two island platforms. The tile band in this station is Marine Blue and vent chambers are also present. Strange white walls exist at both platform staircases to the Kingsbridge Road exit. It is not known why they were built.

The station was renovated to comply with ADA standards, with two elevators from the Kingsbridge Road mezzanine to both platforms and another from the mezzanine to the northeast corner of the Concourse and Kingsbridge Road. The elevators were opened in December 2014.


The station has one mezzanine above the platforms and another below them. The part-time and unstaffed entrance is at 196th Street on the north end and contains two street stairs to the northwest and southeast corners of the intersection, and one stair to each platform. This mezzanine is above the platform area.

The full-time entrance with a staffed token booth is at Kingsbridge Road on the south end and contains three pairs of staircases from platform level down to the lower mezzanine. Exits to the street are via two stairs to the northeast and northwest corners of the Concourse. A ramp also leads to the Kingsbridge Road underpass.

The current booth setup (full-time at Kingsbridge; part-time at 196th Street) was instituted in 2013. This was also the original setup. However, after to a booth operation switch in the 1990s, the part-time side was at the current full-time side (Kingsbridge) and vice versa. The current setup was created in order to accommodate new elevators in the station (see below). There are two now closed additional exits still visible on the south side of Kingsbridge Road, blocked by the current elevator shafts to the street.


Kingsbridge Road (IND Concourse Line) Wikipedia

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