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Kim Hye song (runner)

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Height  153 cm (5 ft 0 in)
Team  Pyongyang Sports Team
Country  North Korea
Coached by  Jong Myong-chol
Sport  Athletics
Name  Kim Hye-song
Event(s)  Marathon

Kim Hye-song (runner)
Born  9 March 1993 (age 22) (1993-03-09) Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province, North Korea

Kim Hye-song (Chosŏn'gŭl: 김혜성; [kim.ɦe.sʌŋ] or [kim] [he.sʌŋ]; born 9 March 1993) is a North Korean long-distance runner.

Marathoner Kim Hye-gyong is her sister. They are fraternal twins. Hye-song is the eldest of the two. According to their coach, Jong Myong-chol, Hye-song is more conservative and quiet than her sister. The coach considers their healthy rivalry in races and friendship a key to their success.

Kim represents the Pyongyang Sports Team. Together she and her sister train five times a week, running 25–30 km a day.

The sisters Kim, along with Kim Mi-gyong (no relation) are considered the most prominent of North Korean female marathoners today.


Kim is from Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province. She and her sister started running in middle-school at the age of 14. Their father was a marathon coach at that time. Kim trained at a sports school in Kumchon County. At the age of 14, she won both the 3,000 m and 5,000 m events at a national competition between sport schools. The sisters then moved to the capital Pyongyang. Kim finished fifth at the half marathon of the 2010 Pyongyang Marathon and was subsequently chosen to represent North Korea in the national team.

She could not join her sister in the 2015 Hong Kong Marathon serving as that year's Asian Marathon Championship due to a left hamstring injury. Kim took part in the women's marathon at the 2015 World Championships in Athletics in Beijing, China, finishing 9th.


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