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Kilberry Castle

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Kilberry Castle being surrounded by trees

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Kilberry Castle is a mansion house near the village of Kilberry, Knapdale, Argyll and Bute, Scotland. Built in 1497 as a castle, it was destroyed in 1513 and the remains were incorporated into a castellated mansion house built in 1844. Further additions occurred in 1871.

Kilberry Castle in the center of a forest


An old photograph of Kilberry Castle with two persons beside it

Originally built in 1497 as a L-plan castle by a cadet branch of Clan Campbell. The castle was destroyed by an English pirate in 1513. The remains of the old castle were incorporated into the mansion built in 1844 by John Campbell, with the mansion being enlarged in 1871.

An old photograph of Kilberry Castle

An old photograph of Kilberry Castle

Laundry cottage being set in the grounds of the historic and ancient Kilberry Castle

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Kilberry Castle with two cars in front

Kilberry Castle entrance:  display of carved burial slabs, etc., collected and placed within a shelter


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