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Khaje Taj od Din mausoleum

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Location  Kashan, Iran
Municipality  Kashan
Province  Isfahan Province
Architectural type  Mausoleum
Khaje Taj od-Din mausoleum
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The Khaje Taj od-Din mausoleum is a historical structure in Kashan, Iran. In the 15th century, Khaje Taj od-Din, the brother of founder of Zeyn od-Din minaret, Khaje Zeyn od-Din, built a mosque with minarets and a school on the tombs of two Imamzadehs and some of his contemporary scientists and judges. In the course of time the mosque and minarets and school were destroyed and only two domes remained, which is named Khaje Taj od-Din mausoleum. The outer surface of its eastern dome has tile mosaic. Around the dome, it has been decorated with three rows of raised stucco inscriptions. The inscriptions are some poems in the Naskh and Thuluth scripts.


Khaje Taj od-Din mausoleum Wikipedia

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