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Kerry Chang

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Created by  Robert Muchamore
Occupation  CHERUB agent
First appearance  The Recruit
Gender  Female
Creator  Robert Mucha
Last appearance  New Guard
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Family  Unknown; parents died before Kerry remembered them.
Similar  James Adams, Kyle Blueman, Lauren Adams

Kerry Chang (born Ling Chang) is a fictional character in the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore. She is a CHERUB agent. Kerry was born in Hong Kong and has been described as having an East Asian appearance, with straight dark hair and brown eyes. She was James Adams' training partner in basic training; she was unable to complete basic training the first time due to an injured knee cap. She said that, "if she didn't complete it this time [she] would quit CHERUB", but with Adams' help she succeeded.

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Throughout the series, James and Kerry's relationship is seen as rocky. They first became a couple in the book Class A, but they then break up in the fourth book, The Killing after an argument in Kerry's room, which then leads to James beating up a younger CHERUB agent and being alienated by his friends, although they share a kiss at the end of the book.

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They break up again in The Fall when James cheats on her with Dana Smith, they then stay broken up throughout Mad Dogs and The Sleepwalker, but later get back together for the remainder of the series in Brigands M.C. Their relationship continued in the twelfth book, Shadow Wave. It is said that Kerry gets accepted into Stanford University one year after James and joins him there. It is revealed in Lone Wolf that she is engaged to James Adams, and in the final CHERUB book, New Guard, James and Kerry are said to be "surprised but delighted" to be expecting their first child.

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