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Kelsey (given name)

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Pronunciation  /ˈkɛlsi/
Word/name  Old English
Gender  unisex
Meaning  "ship's island" "victory ship"

Kelsey is a given name meaning "from the ship's island". The name could be derived from an English given name Ceolsige, which meant "ship's victory", or it could be an Old English place name meaning "Cenel's island". "Cenel's Island" is a combination of the Old English word "cenel", meaning "fierce", and "eg", meaning island.

Another explanation of the meaning of "Kelsey" says that the name has Scandinavian origins, roughly meaning "isle of the ships".

Kelsey was the 201st most popular name for girls born in the United States in 2007. It was among the top 50 most popular names for girls there in the 1990s. It was last ranked among the top 1,000 most common names for boys there in 1996. It was the 528th most common name for women in the United States in the 1990 census. Kelsey was ranked among the top 100 names for girls born in Scotland in 2007. It was also among the top 100 names for girls born in England and Wales in the late 1990s.

People with the given name Kelsey:

  • Kelsey A. Begaye (fl. 2010), fifth President of the Navajo Nation (1999–2003)
  • Kelsey Grammer (born 1955), American actor, director, and writer
  • Kelsey Donwen (born 1969), American actor, model
  • Kelsey Patterson (1954–2004), African American executed by the U.S. state of Texas
  • Female
  • Kelsey Chow (born 1991), American actress
  • Kelsey Davis (born 1987), American soccer player
  • Kelsey Griffin (born 1987), American basketball player
  • Kelsey Plum (born 1994), American basketball player
  • Kelsey Smith (1989–2007), American murder victim
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