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Keefe is both a surname and a masculine given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Adam Keefe (basketball) (born 1970), American basketball player
  • Adam Keefe (ice hockey) (born 1984), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Anne Keefe, American theatre director
  • Bobby Keefe (1882–1964), American baseball player
  • Brian Keefe, American basketball coach
  • Daniel Keefe (1852–1929), American labor leader
  • Dave Keefe (1897–1978), American baseball player
  • David Keefe (born 1957), English footballer
  • Denis Keefe (born 1958), British ambassador to Serbia
  • Dylan Keefe (born 1970), American musician
  • Emmett Keefe (1893–1965), American football player
  • Frank Bateman Keefe (1887–1952), American politician
  • George Keefe (1867–1935), American baseball player
  • James Keefe (18th century), Irish Roman Catholic bishop
  • Jim Keefe (born 1965), American comic strip caroonist
  • John Keefe (1867–1937), American baseball player
  • John Keefe (actor) (born 1979), American actor
  • Michael Edwin Keefe (1844–1933), Canadian politician
  • Mike Keefe (born 1946), American editorial cartoonist
  • P. J. Keefe, American football coach
  • Peter Keefe (1952–2010), American television producer
  • Rob Keefe (born 1980), American Arena Football League player and coach
  • Sheldon Keefe (born 1980), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Tim Keefe (1857–1933), American baseball player
  • William John Keefe (1873–1955), American judge
  • Zena Keefe (1896–1977), American actress
  • Given name:

  • Keefe Brasselle (1923–1981), American actor, television producer and writer
  • Keefe Cato (born 1957), American baseball player
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