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Kavala AirSea Show

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Genre  Air show
Frequency  Annual
Country  Greece
Dates  June
Location(s)  Kavala
Established  2011
Kavala AirSea Show

Kavala AirSea Show is a free annual airshow held above the harbour of Kavala, Greece. The show takes place over the course of three days, usually during the last 10 days of June (Friday to Sunday), and features various types of aircraft, helicopters and parachutists from all over Europe and the Middle-East, including the Saudi Hawks from Saudi Arabia and the F-16 Demo Team of the Hellenic Air Force. In addition to aircraft, the coastline hosts a range of food counters, stalls and aero-modelling exhibitions, with maritime clubs of Kavala playing an increasing role with the participation of sailing boats inside the harbour.

The Air Show was first held in 2011 (without the presence of the maritime clubs) as a single day show, but due to its success it became a three-day show in 2012. In 2013 it became an "AirSea Show" with the participation of the maritime clubs. The 2015 AirSea Show was cancelled due to late preparations and financial instabilities, but it will return on 24-26 June 2016.

The upcoming 2016 AirSea Show is dedicated to the island of Thasos and the 100 years from the construction of a military airport near Prinos village. The aerial history of Thasos has recently become an interesting topic for the historical researchers, particularly after the discovery of the wreckage of a Sopwith Camel of the Royal Canadian Air Force, which was crashed on the mountains of Thasos in 1917.


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