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Kaura clan

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Kaura is one of the prominent sub-castes of the Khatri, Kamboj, and Rajputs, found in Indian and Pakistani Punjab. Certain Khatris of Kaura Gotra use Kaushal in Indian Punjab.

In Punjabi language it means bitter.

There is a story behind its existence. It was the time when ladies were forced to be SATI on their husband's death. There was a man from surname Kapoor got died and her wife was 9 months pregnant. As per rituals she was also forced to sit on her husband burial. After every one left her stomach opened due to heat and her son came out and due to force fall under tree whose name was Aak. For 3 days, the baby boy was lying under that tree and snake gave him milk and eagle took care of him. All three Aak tree, snake and eagle are symbol of bitterness. so that baby was started calling with surname Kaura instead of kapoor. So in this way Kaura surname came into existence.


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