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Kauffman Motor Vehicle Company

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Production  1908-12
Manufacturer  Kauffman Motor Vehicle Company

Kauffman Motor Vehicle Company was a pioneer brass era American automobile company, built in Miamisburg, Ohio, from 1909 until 1912.

The company was begun in 1906 as the Kauffman Buggy Company, providing bodies and chassis for Hatfield, located across town. In 1908, as Hatfield ran into financial difficulties, the two firms merged, to form the Advance Motor Vehicle Company.

Under the Advance name, they introduced a four-passenger roadster with a refined version of Hartfield's four-cylinder on a 104 in (2642 mm) wheelbase. The Model C sold for US$1000, against the Enger 40 and Ford Model F at US$2000, the US$1750 FAL, US$1600 for the Oakland 40 the Cole 30 and Colt Runabout at US$1500, the Yale tourer at US$1000, $700 for the Ford Model S $700, the high-volume Oldsmobile Runabout US$650, Western's Gale Model A was US$500, a Brush Runabout US$485, the Black from $375, and the Success was US$250.

Advance became the Kauffman Motor Car Company in 1911, and folded the next year.


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