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In Māori mythology, Karihi is a brother or cousin of Tāwhaki

In one story, Hema was killed by the Ponaturi, and Karihi, with his mother and his brother Tāwhaki, killed them all but two in revenge. They tricked the Ponaturi into entering a house, and then locked them in, claiming there was still time before the dawn. They then opened the door after the sun was up, the Ponaturi died at the exposure to sunlight. According to the Ngai-Tuhoe account of this exploit, it was Karihi who suggested to his brother that they hide in the thatch of the roof of the house of the Ponaturi. [This hiding from enemies in the thatch of the roof of a house is paralleled in Yhôšūʻa (Joshua) 2:6.]

According to the Ngai-Tahu account, Karihi died when, in his attempt to climb to heaven, he was blown away by the wind of Uru-Tonga. In some versions, Tā-whaki then took the eyes of his younger brother Karihi to their blind grandmother Mata-kerepo Whai-tiri. But in the Ngai-Tuhoe account of this attempted climb toward heaven, Karihi survived.


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