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Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai

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Director  Anil Kumaar Sharma
Release date  May 9, 2003 (India)
3.9/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime, Romance
Language  Hindi
Kaise Kahoon Ke... Pyaar Hai Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai 2003 Movie HD Still Image 3
Writer  Sameer Arora (dialogue)
Release date  9 May 2003 (2003-05-09)
Songs  Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai
Cast  Dharmendra (Dharam), Sharbani Mukherjee (Priya Arya), Farida Jalal (Lakshmi), Amit Hingorani (Karan), Alok Nath (Somnath Arya)

Kaise Kahoon Ke... Pyaar Hai is a 2003 Bollywood film. It stars Amit Hingorani, Dharmendra, and Farida Jalal. The movie was directed by Anil Kumaar Sharma and produced by Arjun Hingorani.

Kaise Kahoon Ke... Pyaar Hai Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai 2003 IndiandhamalCom Bollywood Mp3


Kaise Kahoon Ke... Pyaar Hai Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai Full Hindi Movie Dharmendra Sunny

Karan (Amit Hongorani) is the son of Lakshmi (Farida Jalal) and Dharam (Dharmendra). His father is a professional robber, so his mother leaves him to raise Karan and his sister Kiran in dignity. However, when Karan comes of age, he supports his fathers nocturnal adventures and becomes a successful burglar.

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In college, he falls in love with Priya (Sharbani Mukherjee), the daughter of the wealthy Somnath Arya (Alok Nath). Since he is a burglar, he does not dare to tell Priya about his love—however, he tells Sandwich (Johnny Lever), his loyal friend. Priya is also in love with Karan, but doesn't tell him because she is shy, despite her best friend Nikki's (Rushali) attempts to matchmake the two of them - and things get difficult for her when Sonia (Nilofer) joins the college, who is extremely good-looking and tries to woo Karan. However, at a party, Karan finally admits his feelings for Priya and she is beyond happy. He tells his father that the robbery at a diamond exhibition will be his last deed, since they want to donate the money out of it to a cancer hospital.

Things get difficult when CBI officer Arjun Singh (Sunny Deol) announced that he will catch Karan in just ten days. During the robbery, Arjun Singh shows up and Dharam gets shot and Karan caught - he is sent to jail for one year.

Lakshmi and Kiran are devastated; his mother disowns him. Priya, while Karan is gone, cannot forget him. After a year, Karan apologizied to his mother, telling her he'll never steal again, but doesn't gather the courage to call Priya and decides to leave it that way. However, he takes up a job with Somnath Arya, Priyas father and meets her again. They confess their love for each other and Somnath wants them to get married. However, Karan finds out that he has blood cancer. He stages some kind of fake drama on the engagement day to convince Priya he is actually in love with Sonia - so she will forget him and fall out of love to be saved from the consequences when his disease will finally kill him.

Karan tells Somnath the truth and asks him for help to get his sister Kiran married so she will be provided for when he will finally die. Somnath reveals that his entire company his held ransom by Deoraj (Shakti Kapoor), who himself was under threat from Thakur, a powerful underworld lord. Somnath asks Karan to help him get an important document out of Deoraj's safe - in exchange he will make sure Kiran is married off. Karan agrees and steals the document only to be arrested the next day for Deoraj's murder. Lakshmi again is a broken woman, but Sandwich who knows that Karan did what he did to save the family, explains everything to her. Sonia also explains to Priya why Karan left her. Priya rushes to jail to talk to Karan and after and some emotional exclamations, things get out of control and she falls down the stars, badly wounded. Karan happens to have the same blood group and is asked for a donation, where it is revealed that he does not suffer from blood cancer.

In jail, he realizes that the real culprit is still out there, but why did he kill Deoraj and why did the doctors lie to him? Karan breaks out of jail to find the answers ... and Priya.


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