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Branding  KORN Country 92.1
Frequency  92.1 MHz
ERP  6,000 watts
Owner  Nedved Media, LLC
First air date  1994
Slogan  "Today's Best Country"
Format  Mainstream Country
Former frequencies  105.1 MHz
City of license  Parkston
Sister stations  KORN, KQRN
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Broadcast area  Mitchell and Huron areas
Call sign meaning  Corn Palace (with "KORN" = "Corn")

KORN-FM (92.1 FM, KORN Country 92.1), is a country music radio station with its studio based in Mitchell, South Dakota. Its license is assigned to Parkston, South Dakota, and its transmitter and antenna tower are located in Huron, South Dakota. The station serves the Mitchell, South Dakota Micropolitan Statistical Area, and the Huron, South Dakota areas (which combined create the Mitchell-Huron media region). The station is owned by Nedved Media, LLC. KORN-FM plays a mainstream country format, in a similar format to its Top 40 rock/pop sister KQRN (Q107.3).

Station history

The station (under callsign KZKK) was originally owned by Dakota Communications, and licensed in Huron, South Dakota. By 2015, KZKK was acquired by Riverfront Broadcasting LLC of Yankton, South Dakota. The purchase allowed KZKK to become Riverfront Broadcasting's third station in the Mitchell area, along with KORN News Radio 1490 (KORN-AM) and Q107.3 (KQRN). Riverfront Broadcasting LLC's ownership moved KZKK's studios to 400 N. Rowley Street in Mitchell, South Dakota, where it occupies a shared facility with KORN News Radio & Q107.3.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued callsign of KZKK was used by the station from November 27, 1992 until 2015, when Riverfront Broadcasting LLC requested it to be changed. As of December 16, 2015, KORN Country was approved by the FCC to share its sister station KORN News Radio 1490's callsign of "KORN", granting the station the new callsign of KORN-FM. During its time in Huron as KZKK, the station was originally on the 105.1 MHz frequency.

KZKK was temporarily silent between the time of the purchase by Riverfront Broadcasting LLC, and retook the air on December 21, 2015 under its current form as KORN Country 92.1.

In late 2016, Riverfront Broadcasting LLC sold the station, along with sister stations Q107.3 and KORN News Radio 1490 to KORN Country 92.1's General Manager, Nancy Nedved. Effective Sunday, January 1, 2017, the three station group is now known as Nedved Media, LLC.


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