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Kōhei Kashii

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Years of service  1901–1936
Service/branch  Imperial Japanese Army
Rank  Lieutenant general
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Born  January 25, 1881  Japan Fukuoka Prefecture (1881-01-25)
Died  3 December 1954, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Kōhei Kashii (香椎浩平, Kashii Kōhei) (January 25, 1881 – December 3, 1954) was a lieutenant-general in the Imperial Japanese Army.

Kashii was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, graduated from the Imperial Japanese Army Academy, and became a lieutenant-general in 1931. He was the commander of the Japanese China Garrison Army from 22 December 1930 to 29 February 1932. In November 1931, Kashii imposed martial law over the Japanese-ruled area of the Chinese city of Tientsin (now Tianjin).

In the February 26 Incident attempted coup d'état of 1936, Kashii was a leader of government forces that suppressed the revolt. Since he was sympathetic to the Imperial Way Faction, which included some of the officers who started the coup, he initially resisted military action against the revolt. He was later relieved of his duties, and then transferred to the reserves.


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