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Justice Party (Egypt)

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Founded  2011 (2011)
Ideology  Big tent
National affiliation  Reawakening of Egypt
Headquarters  Garden City, Cairo
Political position  Centre
Colours  Red, White and Black
Justice Party (Egypt)

The Justice Party (Arabic: حزب العدل‎, Ḥizb el-Adl‎) is a political party in Egypt. It was founded after the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 by a group of people from different movements that led to the revolution including the April 6 Youth Movement, the National Association for Change and Kefaya.



After the 2011 Egyptian revolution, a group of youth taking part in the revolution announced they would be founding their own party. In May 2011, the party was officially founded after gathering 5,000 signatures from all across Egypt. Its foundation was celebrated with the first party conference being held in Al-Azhar Park. It supports centrism and secularism.

The founding committee for the Justice Party includes democracy activists such as Mostafa el-Naggar, Egyptian economist Mona ElBaradei, sister of presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei, Egyptian political scientist Amr el-Shobaky, television host Moez Massoud, as well as Abdelgelil Mostafa, the general coordinator of Egyptian Movement for Change, also known as Kefaya and Egyptian poet and activist Abdul Rahman Yusuf, son of Islamic theologian Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

The party fielded candidates for about a third of Egyptian parliamentary seats during the 2011-2012 parliamentary elections that started in November 2011.

Political ideology

The Justice Party welcomes people from different political ideologies on the political right and left, and described itself as a party of political programs rather than a certain political ideology. Its policies focus on solving education, health and employment issues in Egypt as well as achieving the demands called for by the Egyptian revolution.


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