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Jurong Island Highway

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Existed:  March 1999 – present
West end:  Jurong Island
Major cities  Singapore
North end:  AYE
Constructed  March 1999
Jurong Island Highway

Jurong Island Highway (Chinese: 裕廊岛大道; Malay: Lebuhraya Pulau Jurong; Tamil: ஜூரோங் தீவு விரைவுச்சாலை) is a major highway in Singapore which links Jurong Pier Road in Jurong Port of the main island to Jurong Island. It was opened in March 1999. It is also the only highway within Jurong Island.

Map of Jurong Island Hwy, Singapore

There are plans to build a second causeway to link the Western end of Jurong Island Highway and Gul Road in Jurong Industrial Estate, Mainland Singapore but the plan was put on hold due to the possibility that the causeway might affect the passage of ships to the shipyards in the Southern part of Jurong Industrial Area.

A speed camera (limit 70 km/h) was set up in 2009 next to the CNG station.


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